A machine-learning based visual search tool for satellite imagery
Machine learning, UX/UI Design, web development, data collection, mapping
Augmented Reality to Improve Sleep Health
An Augmented Reality Platform for Tangible Objects
Prototyping, storyboarding, interviews, hololens, unity
Design Tools for Creating Maps
An editor + tutorial for building and learning about interactive maps
UX/UI design, user testing, web development, react
Slack Redesign Challenge
An improved experience for Slack users on multiple teams
UX/UI design, personas, wireframes, mockups
Health Services Redesign
Design proposal for improving CMU's health services
Contextual inquiry, interviews, storyboarding



Exquisite Museum VR
A crowdsourced virtual museum of 3D scanned objects from the Carnegie Museum of Art
VR, unity, photogrammetry
Data-Driven Motion Capture & Animation
An exploration of the many ways to visualize the same motion capture data of performance artists
Motion capture, kinect, animation, openFrameworks, processing
Drone Pointilism
Combine a drone, a camera, and photogrammetry software for 3D reconstructions of otherwise inaccessible places
Drone, point cloud, openFrameworks, photogrammetry
Virtual Borders
Exploring walled borders of the world through satellite imagery
Projectors, openFrameworks, processing, javascript