After participating in a computational photography workshop with creative studio Scatter and the Carnegie Museum of Art, I worked with Scatter to develop a virtual museum of 3D scanned art pieces from the Carnegie collection. I created both a gallery room within the virtual museum as well as the lighting environment in Unity. The completed VR experience premiered at Weird Reality


Tools: DSLR, PhotoScan, Unity

Year: 2015-2016

Role: Contributed 3D models and gallery scene for virtual museum, Unity lighting


Capturing Museum Objects in 3D

Photogrammetry to the Rescue

For the first part of the workshop, participants were allowed to roam free through the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History collecting photos of paintings, sculptures, animals, and more. Afterwards, we created 3D models of these pieces by using a processing technique called photogrammetry. These are a few of the objects I scanned:


Crowdsourcing a Virtual Museum

Selected Participants' Rooms, 360° Images

Each workshop participant was able to create a virtual museum gallery from our collection of 3D scanned objects. Our tool of choice was Unity. Once the workshop was over, I worked with Scatter to produce the lighting for the final museum VR experience, assembled out of all the participants' rooms. A selection of these are presented below as 360° images.